Saturday, August 21, 2010

    Timeless: Kate Moss and Beverly Hills

    Hello! Delilah here posting a spread that I've just completely fell in love with. It's Kate Moss channeling a soft nostalgic Beverly Hills look in a spread for Glamour France in June 1992.The spread was photographed by Lance Straedler.

    Photo Credits: Nasty Gal Vintage Blog

    It's sooo pretty. The soft palette of baby blue, pink, and orange. The vintage Beverly Hills atmosphere. Youthful (note the teddy bear!) and playful (in the dinner with her Coke float) Kate Moss with her messy hair in princess-y knee length party dresses. What's there to not love about this shoot? Here come by favorite picture in the spread...

    What does this remind you of? For me, it's very Miss Dior Cherie. No? Except the Miss Dior Cherie ad is more dreamy and it's set in Paris. But there's something special about Kate and her very baroque dress. It's as if she plucked the curtains off Versailles and turned it into the cutest party dress ever. And decided to go to a party with pink balloons that matched her dress. Isn't that absolutely dreamy?

    Ah, just lovely. :)
    All for now, Delilah


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