Friday, August 27, 2010

    Lady Blue Shanghai

    On one of my frequent trips down to the city for some shopping, I dropped by my local Christian Dior boutique to see if anything tickled my fancy. I was greeted by a sweet SA, who began to introduce several nice items. (Technically anything in Dior is nice to me so it was really hard for me to not want anything). All of a sudden, she disappeared to the other side of the room and when she returned...lo and behold, she brought forth the most amazing bag ever.

    lady dior bag in blue sapphire
    exclusively made for the re-opening of a flagship store in Plaza 66, Shanghai, in conjunction with the World Expo 2010, Dior crafted several iconic pieces from their collection in a gorgeous shade of sapphire blue.

    A couple months ago, David Lynch released an exclusive video for Dior, appropriate named Lady Blue Shanghai. Starring Marion Cotillard, who is the face of the Lady Blue Shanghai series, the video is the third chapter of the Lady Dior Saga, following Lady Rouge.

    While I wasn't the biggest fan of the video, I must say, the shots of Shanghai were stunning, infusing the old and the modern futuristic views of the city gave life to the eerie movie. Not to mention, the glimpses of the blue famed Lady Dior bag made it all worthwhile. Watch it & tell me what you think.

    For more information about Lady Blue Shanghai & its exclusive iconic items to be sold at their Shanghai flagship store, check out:

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