Saturday, April 10, 2010

    the style look book: neon nights at night

    Helloooo :) I matched this out for some shopping and dinner with my friend C. When she first saw my outfit, she was like “it’s so cool!” hahah, I'm not sure exactly what it implies but it’s was a fun outfit for the city. Same coat as the previous style look book post. And like I said I would, I wore my striped top which is actually a long sleeve blue and white striped cut off that I matched with a black tank top with sequins on the bottom. The jeans are jean leggings from Uni Qlo and the shoes are patent black oxford flats (love them soooo much, so comfy) During our shopping trip, I kept explaining to my friend how oxford flats match jeans, skirts, and dresses and how they’re some of my favorite shoes ever.

    We first went to the LySee mall (its around the corner on Granville Road). Then we went to a new mall called DNA Galleria, where it’s filled with random and DIY stores with everything from clothes to gifts. And the fun part is all the interior decorations and designs (like the one I’m standing in front of). There were cashier counters that looked like a scene right out of Snow White, a skull, a Transformer-like space craft. There was even this Thriller themed corner, which was creepy and gave me the chills, but it's actually to commemorate Michael Jackson. There were also one of my favorite DIY stores, Woodland, and a shop with filled with really uniquely designed products.

    C started getting hungry, so we headed over to California Pizza Kitchen at Harbour City. We had a Greek pizza and chips. Greek Pizza because C. said she wanted a pizza with EVERYTHING on it. On the menu it said that there would be "tomatoes, celery, peppers, chicken, etc..." but when we ate the pizza, it resembled salad plus pizza crust. Nonetheless, we sat at the bar table and had the view of Victoria Harbour as we ate. :)

    Then I took C. to my favorite furniture store in the city (although I really don't know that many). It's right at the very end of LCX and they bring in new furniture every few months. This time around, I discovered that they now have my favorite foldable movie cinema chair. I always though I'd have to ransack a cinema for one. It turns out all I'll need is 2950 HKD (bite me.). I guess it'll stay on my wishlist for now.

    it's time to get back to my readings and essays >.< exams in less than a month...

    Thursday, April 1, 2010

    the alexa chung addiction: nautical stripes

    I'm not sure if anyone in fashion can quite get enough of Alexa Chung right now. I first found out about Alexa Chung in senior year of high school when my mom took home a tack of British magazines from work. I think Alexa was on the cover of an Elle extra pull-out magazine. And something about her smile, eyes, and (seemingly) very effortless pretty look made me wonder who she was. Back then, Alexa wasn't a host in MTV in the US, so fashion people in the US hadn't really put her under the spotlight.

    Nowadays, it's like "OMG alexa chung is wearing clogs," and we're all told to run out and go get a pair of clogs. Well... we don't really have to buy clogs. Alexa's style is amazingly cute and simple, but I must admit, I don't find it as "effortless" as it may seem because not everyone knew to start off with the basics like cardigans, stripes, etc (haha, number one example: me!). There's so much to Alexa's closet, I don't really know where to start off! So, as I was flipping through an old copy of Teen Vogue from last year, I came across the photo of Alexa in overalls and a striped top (right) and I was like "ah! that looks like a signature alexa chung piece!"

    So for my first post on Alexa Chung, I'll start with the nautical stripes.
    photo: Alexa in very nautical blazer (left), Alexa designs for Madewell (launched the February in New York fashion week), and Alexa in short overalls and a striped top.

    Firstly, the stripes are everywhere this season! I think H&M and Uniqlo have a whole section dedicated to stripes this season. You can get tshirts with simple horizontal stripes over it in almost every color. Next, I find it very similar to the one Audrey Tautou wore in Coco Before Chanel. Lastly, while looking through the selection of cut-off tees and long sleeve shirts at Cotton On Body, I found a shirt just like the one Alexa is wearing (which I gladly bought home after the 60% off Chinese New Year discount). Oh, and Alexander Wang has stripes in his Spring/Summer 2010 lookbook, some very awesome inner-turned-out wear (maybe I'll write about that next time).

    So I guess what I'm trying to get at is how to dress simply for beginners and how dress like Alexa Chung? I'm not really sure. But I do love my stripey top like no other. I can wear it with jeans, both loose fit light colored jeans from the back of my closet, or navy blue skinny jeans. Since my top is a cut-off, I wear a black tanktop underneath (layers!). And as seen from Alexa (above), this would also go well with shorts and overalls. I think a black pencil skirt would do too. As for shoes, I guess blue, black or white wedges would work (and look very good with short skirts or shorts by making your legs oh sooo long.) Otherwise, flats or oxford flats (definately a thumbs up for oxford flats, I can see them taking over ordinary ballet flats this year, maybe) in the same shade of colors would do. Maybe I'll show you after I've tried out some of these ways of wearing my top.

    ...all for now!
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