Tuesday, March 23, 2010

    the style look book: an alternative jacket

    Hello! Delilah here! :) So here's my first style/outfit look book post. I actually posted it on my chictopia account first. I got really hyped about this outfit, because it's very cool black, city-look but at the same time, it's not the ordinary black, punk, rocker style.  I liked the black motorcycle jacket style but it was a little too much when I saw it all over the place. So when I came across this fitted plaid one, I had to get it. It’s from b +ab, a store in Hong Kong, along with all the other I.T. stores. It’s really well fitted and I love plaid things with a special twist. Definitely one of my best purchases this winter.

    This outfit consists of...
    b + ab jeans plaid blue/purple/black fitted jacket (it also has a puffy princess shoulders)
    Energie black long sleeve top
    Black studded pencil skirt from a random boutique
    Black leggings
    Doc Marten boots

    The colors are different on the first pic because I tweaked it a little. The weather in Hong Kong has been terrible the past few days (supposedly the most polluted in the year) and I couldn't get any sunlight! And I took the pictures on automatic timer on my Canon IXUS, so whenever the camera wasn't stable, there would be too much light exposure and I'd getting a photo like the one below.
    all for now. :)

    Monday, March 22, 2010

    the truth about warehouse sales.

    Living in Hong Kong, I don't exactly get the sample sales that fashion lovers in New York and London get. However, what we do have are major end of the season sales and warehouse sales all the time. So this weekend, when my friend C. called me up and asked me if I was interested in stopping by the I.T (the shop that French Connection, Izzue, and a billion other brands are part of in Hong Kong) warehouse sale, I thought "umm...why not? I guess I wouldn't mind another pair of shoes and I remembered that I had an email last week about the Pedder Warehouse sale at Times Square. But I also had in mind my past experience at an I.T. warehouse sale, which wasn't all that fun. Most of the clothes there were leftovers and of sizes which no one could wear. However, Pedder Warehouse at Harbour City was slightly better, I got to freely try on YSL heels and Marni glasses without annoying salespeople wandering around me.

    But to my disappointment, the  I.T.  sale was no different than my past experience. Way too many people in a room filled with clothes that no one really wanted. Warehouse sales basically look the same as sample sales in other places. You get a big empty room filled with racks of clothes, sometimes tables with clothes folded up, and racks of shoes by sizes. They say that it's market down 90% but really, it depends on the style and the prices. For example, there were a bunch of funky high heeled boots. But the problem was, it's almost spring and the prices were so high (1500-2000HKD, that's around 200-250HKD, for non-designer), that even on 70 or 80% off, you weren't going to buy them. So C. and I just headed towards Times Square for the Pedder Warehouse sales, hoping to find some really amazing shoes. Well, the shoes were there. Lots of Stella McCartney, YSL, Jimmy Choo, Sergio Rossi, Stuart Weitzman heels all lined up on shoes shelves. separated by sizes. All you had to do was go to your shoe size and try them on. But to our disappointment, nothing was anywhere less that 1000HKD. The only thing I found slightly reasonable was simple beige Marc Jacobs leather tote at 4000HKD, marked down from the original 13,000HKD but still, I wasn't going to spend that much money at one go on a bag that I didn't have my mind set on.

    So, there it is, my weekend at warehouse sales. To tell the truth, I really don't suggest anyone to go to these sales, unless you're really into something and you know that you'll find it there. Otherwise, my suggestion would be to RUN the moment you hear that the store you like is on sale and get whatever you like and think is at an appropriate price. Everything outside your budget can wait till the prices are market down (Zara does this a lot, so it's definitely worth the wait). Other than that, you can also try boutiques (which are readily available in Hong Kong, and a lot of places in Asia) or online shops (eg. Ebay, Taobao in China, Urban Outfitters online). There's a great selection out there, so warehouse sales don't have to be the solution to your shopping frenzy. Have fun!

    Sunday, March 21, 2010

    f/w goodness

    Apologies. I've been behind on my postings due to university work. So that's why this F/W Colections post has been so delayed. Now, I'm not sure if all of you saw Louis Vuitton's collection last season, a complete disaster in my eyes. I was shocked beyond disbelief that I recall expressing my disdain quite crudely to Delilah. Here's a couple of pictures to jog your memory:


    eh. enough said.
    louis vuitton

    Yes, exactly. Moving on to the present: F/W 2010 Louis Vuitton Collection. I crossed my fingers hoping for something better and well, Marc Jacobs delivered. It still isn't quite my cup of tea but he delivered a softer and rather feminine 50s toned collection:

    There are probably only a handful of pieces in this collection that caught my eye but nevertheless, a definite step-up from his last collection. Well done!

    elie saab

    Yes, I have to bold his name because I worship the ground that he walks on. One of my ultimate favourite designers because everything he touches turns to gold. I fall head over heels in love with all of his collections. It's hard, very hard, to find a piece that I am not particularly fond of. Naturally, he's done it again:

    A timeless, sexy, cohesive collection that is sure to make you foam at the mouth at his absolute brilliance.
    Other favourites?


    um...minus the whole Chewbacca/Bigfoot reference, Karl Lagerfeld's definitely done it again:


    I have always been fond of Valentino. Feminine, sexy and elegant, what more could you really ask for?

    *that jacket is to-die-for.

    & just one last collection that I have to mention because his collection just blew. me. away.

    andrew gn

    I seriously encourage you to go view his entire collection because it is pure love. So chic, so wonderful.

    So there you go, in my personal opinion, the highlights of the Fall/Winter Collection.

    Until next time, loves!

    Saturday, March 20, 2010

    the end marks a new beginning

    I'm not sure if all you hong kong-ers out there know, but the one and only Sephora in Hong Kong (on Sai Yeung Choi street) is closing by the end of this month! Like many of you, I am shocked too. My first mascara was from Sephora. My bestie bought me a whole set of stuff from Sephora for my birthday last year. And it's always been a fun place to poke around, try their many scents and shades of eyeshadow, and sporadically bring home an eccentric color of nail polish from.

    However, although Sephora's gonna be leaving Hong Kong (I wonder what they will do to those lists they have outside shops of all the different cities that have Sephora), there's on thing we can all look forward to... the final sale! With prices down by 70%, it's a good time to stock up and try out all things you wanted to buy oh so badly but never had the chance to dish out the money to do so.

    After class today (yes, I occasionally have class on Saturday. ugh), I decided to check it out Sephora myself. After (almost) an hour of major poking around, eyes searching wildly over the store for best finds, I headed to the cashier with items I simply could not resist. I could have bought lots more (blush, extra black eyeliner, funky dark shades of lipstick) but I decided to hold back and buy things that I would more likely use and have not tried before.

    As the salesperson rang up the receipt, I stared at the prices... 10 hkd... 20 hkd... 50hkd, and the salesperson finally said "100hkd, please." I never thought I could get that much for 100hkd (less than 13 USD) at Sephora. So I was all smiles on my way home. Now I've got shocking dark pink, metallic magenta, and glittery black nail polish, extra blue eyeliner (trust me, it looks good. Maybe I'll show you next time), and lots of make-up remover for future use. hehe. With new make-up, my goal now is to find ways to use it! With ten days left, it's really time to head towards Sephora. So if you haven't been, RUN!

    All for now :)

    Monday, March 15, 2010

    manicures & pedicures at home?

    Manicures and pedicures are addictive. But we all know that not everyone can afford those on a weekly basis. As such, many turn to home manicures as a viable option. The topic I'm mainly dealing with today is nail polish. Walk into a pharmacy or a department store and you will be floored by the variety of nail polish available for you to choose from. So how are you, as a consumer, supposed to know which brands are good and which aren't?

    Through my teenage years, I've gone through many bottles and many brands of nail polish. I'll tell you, the best nail polish, in my humble opinion, is still OPI. Not only do you get your money's worth, OPI nail polish is the only nail polish I've ever applied to have lasted me more than 2 weeks. Everything else starts to chip before the weekend even begins.

    Even more expensive brands such as Chanel can't compare to OPI. Granted, I'll give Chanel the credit that their shades are too gorgeous to pass up but Chanel definitely lacks when it comes to the long-lasting department. I'm such a huge fan of Chanel that it took me several stubborn attempts and failures before I finally had to grudgingly admit that Chanel's nail polish just wasn't performing as well as OPI. Its application wand is also a lot trickier to handle than OPI's, leaving my nails uneven and even streaky on occasion.

    Another brand that is on my highly recommended list is Anna Sui. Not only will your nails smell ridiculously good, no seriously, it will, its fast-drying and long-lasting. This is due to the fact that Anna Sui infuses rose and peony extracts with its products. You'll look like an idiot smelling your nails but trust me, you won't be able to resist. Not to mention, the bottles are super adorable.

    On several occasions, I've had friends and family members inquire how I keep my nail polish on for so long and the process that I use is no different than that of a manicurist:

    1. Apply a base coat. I would recommend one that doubles as a strengthening coat as well. A MUST! It protects your nails whilst keeping your nail polish coats even. 
    2. Apply the first coat of nail polish. Allow it to dry. Even better, allow it to dry overnight. It'll make applying and drying the later coats much easier.
    3. Apply the second coat of nail polish. Allow it to dry.
    4. Apply a top coat. This is ESSENTIAL to ensuring that your nail polish lasts longer. Do not miss out on this step!


    • To accelerate drying time, dip your freshly painted nails into a bowl filled with ice-cold water. I'm lazy so I just run mine under cold tap water for a few minutes and it usually does the trick. 
    • To check whether your nails are dry enough so you can continue your daily activities, gently touch your nails together and if it still feels sticky, leave it alone to let it dry or you'll get massive annoying indents on your shiny nails.
    • If you aren't so steady when it comes to giving yourself a manicure, no worries. Just make sure to cover all areas evenly and then use a Q-tip, dip it into a little nail-polish remover and slowly clean up all your mistakes.
    Happy Home Manicures!
    Until next time, darls!

    Sunday, March 14, 2010

    Tom Ford and Others in A Single Man.

    Hmm... When I say "Tom Ford," what's the first thing you think of?
    I'm guessing...previously the designer for Gucci, the (very) hot brunette male designer that has very erotic commercials, and Tom Ford eyewear.

    Well, Tom Ford's a movie director now and A Single Man is his first movie. Although, Colin Firth's oscar nomination for Best Actor in the film probably brought a lot of attention from outside the fashion circle, I have to say Tom Ford also did an amazing job. The script was stunningly refreshing, the camera shots blurring in and out, and the music and silence in the right places, A Single Man basically spoke for itself. Looking at the story, a post-middle age man, devastated by the leaving of his lover, planning to prepare for the last twenty-four hours of his life. I love how George Falconer (Colin Firth) so explicitly confronts Charley (Julianne Moore), his close-female friend & living in a life of quiet desperation, of her love for self-pity, how everyone has a love for their own self pity. There's also the beautiful Kenny (Nicholas Hoult), Falconer's student, who has realizes the inability to connect, feels ultimately alone, but still lives for the future.

    From another perspective, as I was reading the newspaper today, two movie reviewers put a lot of emphasis on Tom Ford's ability to create the sixties setting. And I absolutely love the sixties. I don't know where to start with that, but I'll stick to A Single Man for now. George's glasses (large square-ish black frames), the very pretty car (I think it was a Benz), the glass house, to Charley's makeup was all very authentically sixties. The big hair and the sleek black eyeliner look were all very impressive. And the clothes? It goes without saying that Tom Ford didn't let any piece of clothing go out of place. Double thumbs up to Colin Firth's suits and Julianne Moore's black and white gown.

    In addition to everything, I noticed two things. Number one: Nicholas Hoult (on the right). Remember that name. Because he's oh sooo pretty (well, it is a Tom Ford movie, to beautiful people should go without saying, no? and Nicholas Hoult is really pretty. haha.) His crystal blue eyes make you almost feel like that geeky girl that might accidentally say the chessy line of  "omg, you dad must have been a thief, because he stole the stars and put'em in your eyes." Plus I do see talent in him, he very well convinced me that he was an honest, yet somewhat confused, soul trying to find answers. I hope to see him around.

    Number two: The girl on the left, I remember her character being "Louis" but somehow, she's not on the cast list on Despite not knowing what her name is, the look is very iconic. The moment I saw it, I thought "Brigitte Bardot!" When I went be a bookstore later, I saw the cover of V magazine with Dakota Fanning channeling the same look. Does that mean the sixties and Brigitte Bardot look is back? Nonetheless, I love it.

    So, if you do have time, want some food for thought, and in the mood for a movie? Try A Single Man, I believe that you'll be impressed.

    Saturday, March 13, 2010

    nude or rouge?

    new trend alert?

    The explosion of the statement red lips began several seasons ago, proudly exhibited by celebrities, models and socialites. Has the world now turned to barely-there nude lips?

    I, myself, have always been fond of the nude lips, having been partial to dramatic eye make-up. As such, there's always a need of balance in everything in life, including make-up. Dramatic eyes go lovely with nude lips while vampy red lips should be paired with simplicity. The basic tips below will help you on your way to looking and feeling as glamorous as those celebrities that are rocking it on the red carpet now:

        how to wear nude lips?   

    • Concentrate the heavy make-up on your eyes. Smoky eyes look amazing with a nude lip.
    • Matte texture for the day; A hint of gloss for the night
    • Nude lipstick/lip glosses come in an array of colours, it's important to pick one that will complement your skin tone, not wash it out or clash against it.

        how to wear red lips?    

    • Keep the rest of your face as simple as possible. Hold back on the blush and the eyeshadow.
    • The key tools to use to still dress up your eyes: Mascara & Eyeliner. Dark dramatic eyelashes and cat eyes (wing-tip eyeliner) will bring you to a full femme fatale status once paired with deep red lips.
    • To accentuate your features without going overboard, use highlighters and illuminators sparingly.
    • Keep things age-appropriate, keep in mind the glamorous pin-up look is not an everyday look so reserve it for a special occasion where you can make a grand entrance.

    Leaving with a final note: Could the Twilight era have inspired us with this dark vampiresque look? 

    Future trend alert? Yay or Nay?

    Until next time lovelies!

    Friday, March 12, 2010


    Hola darlings!
    Jeisa's turn.

    Now I'd like to clarify that this is strictly my own opinion and I'm aware that everyone is entitled to their own.

    Unfortunately, unlike sweet Delilah, I'm starting out with a post of hatred and dislike. You see, like any other young girl out there in the world, I absolutely adore heels. They make your legs look longer, leaner and let's face it, they make you feel pretty damn sexy. Now, on our college budget, we can't all afford Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci platform stilettos on a daily basis, which is why we resort to more affordable brands that offer stylish, high-fashion-inspired heels.

    ALDO is one of those brands. I'll be honest. The first time I stepped into those shiny tiled floors of theirs, I was hooked. I saw YSL look-a-likes for an affordable amazing price! Everything from classic peep-toe pumps to the latest gladiator sandals stood gleaming on rows and rows of white shelves.

    So, being the impatient, idiotic self that I am. I rushed out and bought myself 3 lovely pairs of Aldo heels, thinking my dreams have come true and I now own three marvelous pairs of heels that will make me feel like Gisele Bundchen...err...not really, but I try.

    Here's where my review comes in:
    My feet were torn apart...yes, literally torn apart...from wearing Aldo heels. I will spare you the gory details but it took nearly a month for them to properly recover.

    I even stupidly wore one of them out clubbing all night. 20 minutes in, I was clubbing in my bare feet. Nasty, I know but if you knew the pain I was in, you would be too. Needless to say, I will never touch another pair of Aldo shoes again. All 3 pairs of mine are currently sitting idly somewhere around my room, collecting a fair amount of dust and it will remain so that way.

    Nonetheless, it seems that Aldo still racks up quite a number of customers each day, so I must question...are they actually comfortable to other women? Or do other women just have a higher tolerance of pain?

    You tell me.

    I'll return with a happier post (hopefully) by next time.
    Till then,

    Ferrero Rocher x Party Dress

    Hi :) Delilah here!

    For my first post, I didn't have anything in particular planned. The whole idea of Vanilla Chymes came out of a spur of excitement and I've been wanting to start something like the for quite a while now. I'm sooo happy to have this up and running (thank you, Jeisa!). So to start off, I guess I should say that I'm currently residing in an urban cement jungle in Asia (aka. Hong Kong). And I'm study something completely unrelated to fashion, art, or anything innovative in college (okay, I'm exaggerating a little, but that's how I feel sometimes!)

    Here's a treat to begin Vanilla Chymes...
    I've always loved Ferrero Rocher Chocolates. There's just something about the creamy soft inside and the crunchy almond bits sprinkled on top that I couldn't get enough of (besides, I only got a box once every year or so. My mom doesn't like chocolate, so I'd only have Ferrero Rochers during festivities from presents). I used to take the gold tape on the side of the chocolate box and use it to decorate this sides of my bookshelves and I stick the tiny stickers onto a page of my schedule. Hehe. Basically, I'm Ferrero obsessed.

    One day in high school, I noticed the pretty concentric circle pattern on the bottom of the wrappers and *TADA* I though it looked a lot like the traffeta on the bottom of wedding gowns, evening dresses, and Betsey Johnson party dresses! So I made a version of a full length gown immediately. Sometime in the few months, I came across the work of Danny Roberts and fell in love with his style of painting, drawing on glass, and speed painting videos and I wanted to try it out myself. So I tried sketching out a girl from his painting ( I vaguely remember seeing a picture similar to that of ZhangZiYi at the Dior fashion show) and I didn't really like the black dress. So from the party dress shape, I decided to add in a Fererro pattern :)

    Step 1: Sketching
    Step 2 Cutting out the shapes
    Step 3 Gluing it together
    ... and that's all I've gotten to so far. I'm hoping to add in a water color background but I couldn't make up my mind. Hopefully I'll get back to it soon enough.

    all for now :)

    VanillaChymes © 2010