Tuesday, March 23, 2010

    the style look book: an alternative jacket

    Hello! Delilah here! :) So here's my first style/outfit look book post. I actually posted it on my chictopia account first. I got really hyped about this outfit, because it's very cool black, city-look but at the same time, it's not the ordinary black, punk, rocker style.  I liked the black motorcycle jacket style but it was a little too much when I saw it all over the place. So when I came across this fitted plaid one, I had to get it. It’s from b +ab, a store in Hong Kong, along with all the other I.T. stores. It’s really well fitted and I love plaid things with a special twist. Definitely one of my best purchases this winter.

    This outfit consists of...
    b + ab jeans plaid blue/purple/black fitted jacket (it also has a puffy princess shoulders)
    Energie black long sleeve top
    Black studded pencil skirt from a random boutique
    Black leggings
    Doc Marten boots

    The colors are different on the first pic because I tweaked it a little. The weather in Hong Kong has been terrible the past few days (supposedly the most polluted in the year) and I couldn't get any sunlight! And I took the pictures on automatic timer on my Canon IXUS, so whenever the camera wasn't stable, there would be too much light exposure and I'd getting a photo like the one below.
    all for now. :)


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