Saturday, March 20, 2010

    the end marks a new beginning

    I'm not sure if all you hong kong-ers out there know, but the one and only Sephora in Hong Kong (on Sai Yeung Choi street) is closing by the end of this month! Like many of you, I am shocked too. My first mascara was from Sephora. My bestie bought me a whole set of stuff from Sephora for my birthday last year. And it's always been a fun place to poke around, try their many scents and shades of eyeshadow, and sporadically bring home an eccentric color of nail polish from.

    However, although Sephora's gonna be leaving Hong Kong (I wonder what they will do to those lists they have outside shops of all the different cities that have Sephora), there's on thing we can all look forward to... the final sale! With prices down by 70%, it's a good time to stock up and try out all things you wanted to buy oh so badly but never had the chance to dish out the money to do so.

    After class today (yes, I occasionally have class on Saturday. ugh), I decided to check it out Sephora myself. After (almost) an hour of major poking around, eyes searching wildly over the store for best finds, I headed to the cashier with items I simply could not resist. I could have bought lots more (blush, extra black eyeliner, funky dark shades of lipstick) but I decided to hold back and buy things that I would more likely use and have not tried before.

    As the salesperson rang up the receipt, I stared at the prices... 10 hkd... 20 hkd... 50hkd, and the salesperson finally said "100hkd, please." I never thought I could get that much for 100hkd (less than 13 USD) at Sephora. So I was all smiles on my way home. Now I've got shocking dark pink, metallic magenta, and glittery black nail polish, extra blue eyeliner (trust me, it looks good. Maybe I'll show you next time), and lots of make-up remover for future use. hehe. With new make-up, my goal now is to find ways to use it! With ten days left, it's really time to head towards Sephora. So if you haven't been, RUN!

    All for now :)


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