Sunday, March 21, 2010

    f/w goodness

    Apologies. I've been behind on my postings due to university work. So that's why this F/W Colections post has been so delayed. Now, I'm not sure if all of you saw Louis Vuitton's collection last season, a complete disaster in my eyes. I was shocked beyond disbelief that I recall expressing my disdain quite crudely to Delilah. Here's a couple of pictures to jog your memory:


    eh. enough said.
    louis vuitton

    Yes, exactly. Moving on to the present: F/W 2010 Louis Vuitton Collection. I crossed my fingers hoping for something better and well, Marc Jacobs delivered. It still isn't quite my cup of tea but he delivered a softer and rather feminine 50s toned collection:

    There are probably only a handful of pieces in this collection that caught my eye but nevertheless, a definite step-up from his last collection. Well done!

    elie saab

    Yes, I have to bold his name because I worship the ground that he walks on. One of my ultimate favourite designers because everything he touches turns to gold. I fall head over heels in love with all of his collections. It's hard, very hard, to find a piece that I am not particularly fond of. Naturally, he's done it again:

    A timeless, sexy, cohesive collection that is sure to make you foam at the mouth at his absolute brilliance.
    Other favourites?


    um...minus the whole Chewbacca/Bigfoot reference, Karl Lagerfeld's definitely done it again:


    I have always been fond of Valentino. Feminine, sexy and elegant, what more could you really ask for?

    *that jacket is to-die-for.

    & just one last collection that I have to mention because his collection just blew. me. away.

    andrew gn

    I seriously encourage you to go view his entire collection because it is pure love. So chic, so wonderful.

    So there you go, in my personal opinion, the highlights of the Fall/Winter Collection.

    Until next time, loves!


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