Friday, March 12, 2010


    Hola darlings!
    Jeisa's turn.

    Now I'd like to clarify that this is strictly my own opinion and I'm aware that everyone is entitled to their own.

    Unfortunately, unlike sweet Delilah, I'm starting out with a post of hatred and dislike. You see, like any other young girl out there in the world, I absolutely adore heels. They make your legs look longer, leaner and let's face it, they make you feel pretty damn sexy. Now, on our college budget, we can't all afford Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci platform stilettos on a daily basis, which is why we resort to more affordable brands that offer stylish, high-fashion-inspired heels.

    ALDO is one of those brands. I'll be honest. The first time I stepped into those shiny tiled floors of theirs, I was hooked. I saw YSL look-a-likes for an affordable amazing price! Everything from classic peep-toe pumps to the latest gladiator sandals stood gleaming on rows and rows of white shelves.

    So, being the impatient, idiotic self that I am. I rushed out and bought myself 3 lovely pairs of Aldo heels, thinking my dreams have come true and I now own three marvelous pairs of heels that will make me feel like Gisele Bundchen...err...not really, but I try.

    Here's where my review comes in:
    My feet were torn apart...yes, literally torn apart...from wearing Aldo heels. I will spare you the gory details but it took nearly a month for them to properly recover.

    I even stupidly wore one of them out clubbing all night. 20 minutes in, I was clubbing in my bare feet. Nasty, I know but if you knew the pain I was in, you would be too. Needless to say, I will never touch another pair of Aldo shoes again. All 3 pairs of mine are currently sitting idly somewhere around my room, collecting a fair amount of dust and it will remain so that way.

    Nonetheless, it seems that Aldo still racks up quite a number of customers each day, so I must question...are they actually comfortable to other women? Or do other women just have a higher tolerance of pain?

    You tell me.

    I'll return with a happier post (hopefully) by next time.
    Till then,


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