Monday, March 22, 2010

    the truth about warehouse sales.

    Living in Hong Kong, I don't exactly get the sample sales that fashion lovers in New York and London get. However, what we do have are major end of the season sales and warehouse sales all the time. So this weekend, when my friend C. called me up and asked me if I was interested in stopping by the I.T (the shop that French Connection, Izzue, and a billion other brands are part of in Hong Kong) warehouse sale, I thought "umm...why not? I guess I wouldn't mind another pair of shoes and I remembered that I had an email last week about the Pedder Warehouse sale at Times Square. But I also had in mind my past experience at an I.T. warehouse sale, which wasn't all that fun. Most of the clothes there were leftovers and of sizes which no one could wear. However, Pedder Warehouse at Harbour City was slightly better, I got to freely try on YSL heels and Marni glasses without annoying salespeople wandering around me.

    But to my disappointment, the  I.T.  sale was no different than my past experience. Way too many people in a room filled with clothes that no one really wanted. Warehouse sales basically look the same as sample sales in other places. You get a big empty room filled with racks of clothes, sometimes tables with clothes folded up, and racks of shoes by sizes. They say that it's market down 90% but really, it depends on the style and the prices. For example, there were a bunch of funky high heeled boots. But the problem was, it's almost spring and the prices were so high (1500-2000HKD, that's around 200-250HKD, for non-designer), that even on 70 or 80% off, you weren't going to buy them. So C. and I just headed towards Times Square for the Pedder Warehouse sales, hoping to find some really amazing shoes. Well, the shoes were there. Lots of Stella McCartney, YSL, Jimmy Choo, Sergio Rossi, Stuart Weitzman heels all lined up on shoes shelves. separated by sizes. All you had to do was go to your shoe size and try them on. But to our disappointment, nothing was anywhere less that 1000HKD. The only thing I found slightly reasonable was simple beige Marc Jacobs leather tote at 4000HKD, marked down from the original 13,000HKD but still, I wasn't going to spend that much money at one go on a bag that I didn't have my mind set on.

    So, there it is, my weekend at warehouse sales. To tell the truth, I really don't suggest anyone to go to these sales, unless you're really into something and you know that you'll find it there. Otherwise, my suggestion would be to RUN the moment you hear that the store you like is on sale and get whatever you like and think is at an appropriate price. Everything outside your budget can wait till the prices are market down (Zara does this a lot, so it's definitely worth the wait). Other than that, you can also try boutiques (which are readily available in Hong Kong, and a lot of places in Asia) or online shops (eg. Ebay, Taobao in China, Urban Outfitters online). There's a great selection out there, so warehouse sales don't have to be the solution to your shopping frenzy. Have fun!


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