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    Forty Years of Fashion via Joyce

    Hello again! Here I am blogging about my recent visit to the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences. To tell the truth, it's within walking distance of where I go school, but I would have never bothered to go in unless there was something special inside. This time around, Joyce Boutiques decided to hold it's 40th Anniversary exhibition the museum. On the way to Mid-Levels from Central's Hollywood Road, I can see how it's a rather quiet historic setting, which  fits with the two other locations for the exhibit in Shanghai and Paris, apparently behind the Peninsula Hotel on the Bund and the Palais Royale respectively. Joyce Boutique is a major fashion retailer in Hong Kong and China and it franchises the works of many designers, such as Rick Owens, Rodarte, Proenza Schouler, 3.1 Phillip Lim, and Derek Lam. Without Joyce, I wouldn't be able to catch a glimpse of these fabulous clothes in very classy stores in Shanghai and Hong Kong (I remember strolling into Joyce Boutiques in Shanghai and holding the Balanciaga bag, good times).

    That's why I had to take a special trip with my mom and aunt to this exhibition. Although, the big media frenzy is focused on the Laduree macaroons that celebrities are buying at the Joyce store in Central, I'd like to focus on the clothes. So here it goes...

    The exhibition begins with a wall of various video clips of interviews with designers with work with Joyce, then moves on to a wall of various photographs and ad campaigns of the brands that work with Joyce and Joyce Boutiques itself. Then finally moving on a a gallery with works of Proenza Schouler, Derek Lam, and Prada (above).

    There's another gallery of designers such as Rick Owens, Karl Largerfeld, Dsquared. I particularly liked this chiffon gown by Rochas, the 1992 collection if I remembered correctly(above).

    And here's the room of lights that switch on and off (a little irritating when I'm trying to see the detail of this Givenchy dress in the front and the John Galliano gown in back). Nonetheless, the works of some of my favorite designers put in a 300 square foot room.

     John Galliano


    Alexander McQueen

    Lastly, the interactive bit. The cards in the slots have the names of the various designers under Joyce Boutiques. All you have to do is place the card on the lighted surface and the cameras above would detect the information on the card and show information on the side about when the designer or brand had joined Joyce Boutiques and its various collections.

    That's basically it. There's another interactive room and a semi-gift shop (I only saw gifts on display and the prices, the people there didn't tell me if I could make my purchases there, but I'm pretty sure the macaroons are available in Joyce Central only) that didn't catch my eye well enough for me to take a photo of. Overall, the exhibition was pretty cramped in the museum. Although it probably took up 75% of the museum space, I could hardly take a closer look at the details in the fabrics and embroideries. It's quite a shame that I couldn't even see some of the outfits put at the back of the room. Nonetheless, its probably been the most exciting fashion event in Hong Kong during the holiday season, so I'd recommend for you to take a visit if you have the time and are in the area or in Shanghai or Paris when the exhibition gets there!

    All photos are from the cameras of Delilah, remember to give me credit! :)

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