Thursday, January 20, 2011

    we are GOLDEN!

    Yes, we know. It's a been a long long time since Jeisa and Delilah have a had chance to come together and write up a post together. School exams, school holidays, and the busy holiday season really was quite time consuming. Now I (Delilah) have just started second semester and I feel extremely UN-eager to start my studying (plus, it can wait!). So here we are, making our picks of our favorite dresses from the recent 2011 Golden Globe awards!

    Favorites from the Two of Us

    Olivia Wilde in Marchesa

    D: Pretty, pretty, pretty! Olivia Wilde in this shimmery fitted bodice and poofy-at-the-bottom dress by Marchesa. The simple hair and makeup paired with a pair of very funky heels looks amazing put together. I love how the glitter fades out towards the bottom of the dress.

    A peek at Olivia Wilde's shoes: Christian Louboutin

    Emma Stone in Calvin Klein
    D: My favorite! I hope it's not a post-watching Easy A bias. I generally dislike orange. In fact, when I found out my ex-university dorm's color was orange and our dorm t-shirt would be bright orange, I honestly considering applying to another dorm. Orange is just a hard color to make work! And I have to say, the color fits Emma Stone's new hair color and skin tone perfectly. The fit of this backless Calvin Klein dress on her is also amazing. Such a simply, not over the top, classy statement. New found LOVE.

    Leighton Meester in Burberry
    D: Leighton Meester tries a large variety of fashion statements and I love her for being daring and experimental, but sometimes, some outfits just don't work so well on her. However, this Burberry dress worked so well! It's a light chiffon princess-y look without too much extravagance and so pretty without revealing any skin. I'd wear it too, if I could get my hands on one. XD

    Anne Hathaway in Armani Prive
    D: Shiny and Gold, that's a difficult combination to pull off, especially when it a floor length gown! Nonetheless, this also backless gown and it looks so good on Anne Hathaway! It's another shimmery, floor length gold gown (like the Balmain one on the cover of Elle) that Anne Hathaway can pull off oh so well. Thumbs up!

    Jeisa's Personal Favorites 

    Mila Kunis in Vera Wang

    Delilah's Personal Favorites

    Lea Michele in Oscar de la Renta
    I'm actually not the biggest fan of how Lea Michele has worn this dress, but nonetheless, the dress itself is gorgeous. This dress by Oscar de la Renta is a piece that I personally like a lot; the soft pink, the ruffles, and the long train on the gown. I WANT THIS. I've heard repeatedly that this dress brings a image of hard cold Barbie, but when I took a look at the runway photo, it didn't seem like that to me. I think Lea Michele might have to work on that hairdo, make it more neat, then she might be able to bring out the poise and elegance in the dress. Nonetheless, this dress is my one of personal favorites.

    Photo Credits: Omg Yahoo Awards


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