Thursday, January 27, 2011

    the versatile white tshirt

    Oh I am not happy. I typed up a whole post here and POOF after uploading the pictures, the text was gone. Unhappiness is one good way to describe the past week: unpleasant grades, delivery getting caught up in customs, academic material not making ANY SENSE whatsoever. I'm officially pretty lost and ready for vacation all over again. However, a few positive have turned my frown upside down: I got my white Peter Pan collar black dress and it fits perfectly, my aunt is satisfied with the Banana Taipei bag I helped her buy (a creation by a Taiwanese company, printing the actual size Hermes Birkin on a canvas bag) and Chanel's exhibition in the Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art. Hopefully, it'll be open over the Chinese New Year holiday and I'll be right in time to see it when I'm there next week (Jeisaaa: How I wish you would be there!).


    The White Flap Tee

    Yes. It may look like your ordinary layered white tshirt but it can actually be worn in three different ways. Perfect for those days when you want to wear the same shirt but at the same time, you realize you've already worn this shirt in the past week.

    Numero Uno: the Original

    Numero Dos: One Side Tucked in

    Numero Tres: Tied in a Knot

    My favorite? The Original look would be my choice but I wouldn't mind trying the others :)
    This will go on my wish list of multifunctional/versatile pieces, next to the American Apparel circle scarf!

    Photo Credits and Where to Buy: Oak NYC

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