Wednesday, December 1, 2010

    Holiday Dressing

    Departing from my Balmain obsession for just a bit, all this holiday spirit has really gotten to me! Especially when I'm in Asia, where people don't celebrate Thanksgiving! But I've got tons to give thanks for, and I sure don't mind an extra week of holidays, especially when I was on the verge of collapse last week. (the after effects of too much work still remain: shoulder pain, eye strain, bad skin, ouchies what a horrible experience), Nonetheless, I treat myself towards the holiday spirit buy lots of online retail therapy (my Juicy Couture bag during Juicy's online sale on sale offer, I can't wait to get it! It's currently with my friend in the US because Juicy doesn't ship internationally. And my many purchases on, China's ebay network, I can't wait to get all that jewelry in my hands!). It's surprising how the internet shopping trend is on a rise. Asos is doing free international shipping all holiday season and the Outnet had a free international shipping weekend last week. And Google's opened I wonder if that means I don't need to go out shopping anymore. I doubt it. It's not the same when you get to feel the textures and try the items on :)

    Anyways, I came across these dresses when flipping through Nasty Gal's latest lookbook on facebook. And I thought "these dresses would look awfully good during the holiday season!" Simple colorful sleeveless dress. Very cute, young chic, with a bit of a vintage-y vibe. Yet bright, silky, and very structured for a formal holiday dinner.

    BB Dakota 
    Halsey Dress and Winsor Silk Dress

    Both dresses available on Nasty Gal's site: Halsey Dress and Winsor Silk Dress
    Words of wisdom (and those of a thrifty shopper): It's cheaper on Nasty Gal then BB Dakota's site! Plus you can try to getting it during Nasty Gal's special sale periods.

    Delilah :)


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