Wednesday, December 8, 2010

    Featured on Nylon Blogs: tag! weasley is our king

    Featured! Let's just say I was really surprised this morning when I opened my email and found a reply from Faran Krentcil of Nylon Magazine in regards to an email I'd sent submitting graffiti photos from my summer trip...on AUGUST 22nd! I'd honestly thought for the longest time that either my email didn't get through or the material wasn't what Nylon's blog had wanted. Nonetheless, I'm uber grateful for the response since this post has been featured. I've always wanted to post about findings from vacations but never had the time. So here's a bit more from this summer at Ljubljana, Slovenia.

    Here are the photos from the feature: tag! weasley is our king

    And here are some extra photos of mixed media mural-esque kind of thing, also from my trip to Ljubljana, Slovenia . It looked so real, I actually stared at it from across the street for a minute. I think it's wood planks and a bunch of other used materials. 

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