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    the emmys baby!

    It was the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards Show a couple nights ago and I can never resist a chance to judge a red carpet. Red-carpet events are always exciting; the glitz, the glamour, the beautiful people. What makes it more entertaining is that we all get to be the fashion police for a day, praising what we love and criticizing what we think should probably be left in the back of the closet for eternity.


    Oscar de la Renta

    I absolutely love the shade of navy blue this dress is in. Above the waist, she's an Oscar star and below, she's a spicy flamenco dancer. There's intrigue, there's passion, there's a va-va-voom element to the dress that makes this a definite win.


    I hadn't really seen a dress from Gucci on the red carpet that I had truly liked in awhile...until now. I adore this dress. It's simple, modern chic and so much more. It's truly Cleopatra with a modern futuristic twist. It's Cleopatra of the 21st Century and boy, am I loving it.

    Monique Lhuillier

    First off, I would like to say that I love Monique Lhuillier's designs, I would love to get married in a Monique Lhuillier dress, which is why when I saw this dress, I knew this had to be on the best dressed list. The colour, the material, the design, it all works. It's elegant timeless chic, something Miss Lhuillier never stops to produce.


    I can see how this can be a miss but I'm much too biased as a Marchesa fan. I do love this LBD, intricate bodice, sweetheart neckline. It all works for me.

    Robert Rodriguez

    Eva Longoria is one woman that never fails to impress me with how classy and elegant she can be on a red carpet event. She returns to her favourite designer, Robert Rodriguez, for this stunning black dress that wraps around her curves like a glove. It's fascinating how Eva can make a black dress with a train seem like so much more.

    Zuhair Murad

    I'm becoming quite a fan of Zuhair Murad's designs. This dress looks spectacular on Nina Dobrev. I've been going a little crazy over blush/nude shades myself so this goddess-esque gown just sent me over the edge. It's sophisticated, stylish and has an element of exoticness to it, that only someone like Nina can pull off.

    Burberry Prorsum

    One of my absolute favourites of the night. The gorgeous navy colour, strapless sheath dress is beyond stunning. I have no words, it's just perfect in every sense and especially, when paired with gold jewelry, it's the perfect balance.

    Armani Prive

    I think this is the epitome of classic chic. How Claire Danes can make a simple beaded sheath look so stunning and out-of-this-world is beyond me.


    I know she has haters but hey, her dress is Marchesa. How could I pass this up? Not to mention, you have to admit, she did look stunning in this dress. There is something very reminiscent of Cleopatra, that elegant royal touch with the embellishments on the dress.

    As you can probably tell, there weren't a lot of risks taken this year. Plenty of strapless dresses in quite a safe colour spectrum. Minus Naya Rivera, who had the spotlight stolen by her hairstyle, unfortunately. Post in the comments and tell me if you disagree/agree with my choices! Maybe Delilah will have her input next!

    With love,

    Hellooo! I'm just nodding non-stop to Jeisa's comments. She's pretty much chose all the outfits that I liked the most at the Emmy's this year. My favorite would probably be Nina Dobrev. I like the one-shoulder dress, the creamy shiny color of the fabric, and how Nina's skin tone compliments it so well. Claire Danes and Kyra Sedgwick's dresses were also on my favorites list. While Kyra's dress is a genuinely pretty dress (I like these maroon/purple shades), Claire's dress is definitely an eye-catcher. Only Claire Danes could pull off a sparkly dress like that and not go over the top.

    To tell the truth, I wasn't too amazed by the Emmy outfits. Ladies, take risks! No one's trying exotic textures or patterns! Most of the dresses were solid, one-color, corset and with-a-train gowns. The one dress that I found rather risky was Tiny Fey's, in Oscar de la Renta.

    Yes, it's conservative. But hey! You still need to be very fit to wear a dress like that and still show curves. And I actually really like the patterns and the sheer lace-like embroidery fabric with the grey satin underneath. This Oscar de la Renta gown does remind me of Kathryn Bigelow's Oscar 2010 gown by YSL. Simple, fitted, and powerful! Hehe. I have a tiny 30 rock obsession right now (plus I think Mean Girls is one of the best movies. Ever). So, double thumbs up to Tiny Fey!

    All for now,

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