Wednesday, September 22, 2010

    Can't keep those HANDS off me

    It's been a way too long delay. But school's settled in and other than endless continuous reading and looking at every hour for the newest updates on S/S 2011 ready to wear, I haven't had time for much. There's been too much about clothes going on! I really have a thirst for shopping right now, but not just any shopping. I want clothes that look good! Haha, anyways, I want to save up some money (buying a new netbook for college, textbooks, and French classes cost quite a lot together), new clothes will have to wait.

    Anyways, I bet that the title of this piece has caught your attention. It all started with a mini spree past stores in the Landmark, when my friends and I came across Marc by Marc Jacobs. My eyes landed on this season's...

     Marc by Marc Jacobs Handard Supply Tote
    Marc Jacobs has done it again. A fresh twist to the standard supply tote. To show our love for this tote, we'll have our arms wrapped around it this time. Just as I was trying to find this picture online two days ago, I started freaking out because not only was this Handard Supply tote not anywhere to be seen, the Standard Supply Tote seemed to be missing simultaneously. I was thinking "Oh, no! Does that mean the Standard Supply tote is over for good?" But no no, Marc Jacobs answered my question the next day with a colorful new website layout and the Handard Supply tote in this season's collection. I can feel that hole in my wallet already if I do decide to get it, but at the same time I need to save money! But I'm definitely sleeping on the thought of getting it.

    What else did I find?'s tenth anniversary limited edition t-shirts! x Rick Owens
    Simply awesome, no? The "X" in the middle represents's tenth birthday. There's quite a few designs in this collaboration (Lanvin, Balmain, Alexander Wang) but Rick Owen's design struck me as worth buying. It's like sign language on a shirt! And there's just a sense of stregnth in it. Pair it with a pair of black jeans, any black jacket, with a pair of chucky boot and TADA, look of the day! But I don't suggest putting the Handard Supply tote and this together, that may be too many hands for one outfit. This collaboration was part of this year's Fashion's Night Out and if you're interested, check out's website to see if you can still get your hands on one of these awesome t-shirts.

    Before I go, vanillachymes is signed up for the H&M competition for the Lanvin x H&M collaboration ad. Show your love and vote! Here are the links:

    H&M Vote for my blog

    I'll make sure to remember you, if you vote.
    Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to those in Asia! All for now!


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