Saturday, May 15, 2010

    Le French May

    "French is so sexy" - a friend of mine, D

    That is quite a irrefutable statement. Whenever my friend, D, and I talk about anything French that the first thing he says. Not only does the language and the accent linger in your ear, the movies keep you coming for more (Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain, Paris, je t'aime, the list is endless), the women there also dress incredibly stylishly. I once read that the secret to French dressing, according to an American expat journalist, was by spending more on a few nice classy, possibly designer, items; unlike Americans, who spend the same amount of money for lots of cheaper clothes. I'm not sure if that's exactly how it works but people like Carla Bruni (I believe Italian turned French), Jane Birkin (okay, not French, but she resides in France), and Betty from Le Blog de Betty make me wish that I was a tall brunette French girl with bangs.  They just  give off that irresistible vibe of chic.

    So when I came across the spread Americans In Paris  in US Vogue May 2010, I couldn't forget it. The spread consists of Daria Werbowy photographed by Mario Testino and it's absolutely chic. Focus on the bags (from left to right): Celine, Hermes, Chloe, Fendi Peekaboo -absolutely love for the different color in the lining. Simply love that, Gucci, Chanel. And the color tones: beige, light brown, white, and dark navy blue.

    Simply love love loveee this. It's gonna be my summer intern clothing inspiration. Seriously. Black suit with a white blouse and black heels? *Vigorously shaking my head.* That's not going to happen. It's time to do some digging around in my closet and some shopping once I get my last assignment in. It won't hurt to look French right? :)

    On a side note... sorry for the few week hiatus! Exam period has finally rolled over. And seriously, all that stress, staring at my notes, and sitting in a enclose four walled space has drowned out the color in my face, not that there was much left in the first place. Nonetheless, that has definitely raised my awareness of the need for major skin care. Since then, I've stalked up on moisturizer, anti-eye bag/puffiness/darkness gel, and face masks. But I still don't want my face to appear here, yet. I still look like a mess. See you in a while!

    All for now, Delilah


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