Friday, February 25, 2011

    Sister and Brother websites and other amusing findings

    Hello! Another random post by Delilah before I start noting down my favorites from the current F/W 2011 Fashion Week. I've been online quite frequently these days since there's no school next week (thus, no assignments due and time to slack off...not exactly what I should be doing) and I noticed how quite a few new websites have started up: some are sister or brother sites of its well-known counterparts and others completely started from scratch. Let me take you on a brief guide to the new fashion-related sites out there.

    Type 1: Retail Therapy

    Brother site of Net-a-porter
    Fashion Focus: Designer fashion for men (obviously!)

    Sister site of Anthropologie, thus also a part of the Urban Outfitters Group
    Fashion Focus: Bridal
    Sooo pretty! Very non-traditional, yet remains really graceful.

    Type 2: For the Curious Fashionable Soul

    Seems to me, it's brand new. No affiliations.
    Fashion Focus: Getting the online fashion community to hunt down what you want and where you can get it

    Type 3: Street Fashion with a Brand
    Need I say more? Basically, it's a NewLook/Chicotopia/Weardrobe type of website where people can post up pictures of their outfits, except this time, since the websites are started by various brands (such as Zara and Uniqlo) the people are wearing pieces from the brand. 

    Zara tries to attract fashion lovers by awarding those with selected outfits, after rounds of selection, with a monetary prize. The perks of it are that you must have at least two Zara items in your outfit and I'm not certain if this offer extends outside of Europe.

    Uniqlo basically has a Where to Get It? vibe going on. You get to see people from all over the world show off their outfits and UNIQLOOKS will let you know if that particular piece is available in stores near you.

    Hope you have a great weekend web-surfing :)


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