Friday, February 25, 2011

    Baby Steps to Becoming a Fashionista

    As random as it is, I'll dedicate this post to my baby cousin, S, who learned how to use her first Gmail account this Monday. She's eight years old and she's tiny! I don't think she's more than130cm tall and she'll be a budding fashionista one day, I'm sure of it. Last summer at the Zara sale, she immediately grabbed a grey silk kiddie romper and said "I WANT THIS!" Haha, that was the moment when I realized "this kid might have potential!" Note: Zara kids is absolutely adorable but a wee-bit pricey. That romper was on sale for 200HKD and that's the equivalent of an item from TRL.

    Anyways, this is to the baby fashionistas out there: YOU'RE SO CUTE!

    Delilah's Baby Cousin, S
    Photo by me :)

    Alexander Wang's Niece
    Cuteness! I wanna hug you so badly!

    Sisters in Marc by Marc Jacobs on the Streets of Paris
    I told my friends that I'd buy these dresses for whichever person that has a baby girl first. I got a list of requests on Facebook the next morning. Haha. Let's they don't remember that.

    Photo Source: Alexander Wang's NieceMarc by Marc Jacobs Sisters on the Streets of Paris


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