Monday, April 4, 2011

    Soak up the sun with Shades

    Helloes and sorry for the extremely long disappearance! I'm currently at a brink-of-crisis and completely burnt out stage. So excuse the lack of coherence in my thinking (I've probably lost half of my mind weeks ago when my assignments started pilling up). Basically, I'm halfway through with my bigillion mile run on essays, assignments, presentations, and group projects. Now I've just got group work left and extremely troublesome group members (as my friend V says "bad group members should be condemned to hell!"). Currently in a lack-of-sleep and obsessed with my eye cover-up (those dark dark eye circles haunt me every morning), I started this post ages ago but never had the chance to finish it up.

    So here you go, some awesome shades for spring!

    Jeremy Scott x Linda Farrow
    Comes in Gold, Black, and Translucent.
    Picture Source and Available at: Colette

    Liberty x SUPER "LUCIA" Glasses

    Picture Source:
    Available for purchase at: SUPER shopLiberty Store

    Prada Spring/Summer 2011
    Picture Source:

    Next in line? Check on Jean Paul Gaultier's Fall/Winter 2011 Collection, details on I'm excited!

    On the side note, the sun came out for two days, but it's gonna be gone for a bit this week. A lot's been on my mind but I don't really have the time to type it all out (seriously, I calculate my time by the minute now, even breakfast doesn't get fifteen minutes and I skip it if I can save five minutes from a grab & go source). Sigh. And I've already forgotten what I was going to write next... Got it: Please remember to support Japan. It's almost been a month since the earthquake and there's still so many families living in temporary shelters. It sad to think of how little I can do...

    By the way, I saw L'Amour Fou, the movie about Yves Saint Laurent, at the HKIFF last Saturday. It was pretty amazing. Take a look if it hits theatres near you. I didn't even know that it wasn't out yet till I checked online. Note: I think I might like it more than Lagerfeld Confidential and I'm a die hard Lagerfeld fan. 

    More later!
    Night, Delilah


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