Tuesday, June 8, 2010

    Time for Tee

    Summer's kicking in and it's time to pull out all those t-shirts from the bottom on the closet. I'm currently in Shanghai and while packing, I had to clean out everything in my closet. I realized the usual "Wow, I have a lot more clothes than I thought I had" or "Oops! I forgot about this." But there's one item that I never forget about - my t-shirts! I'm a sucker for cute t-shirts. When I first walked into the David and Goliath store in London, I was like "Omg, I have to have ALL of these" (of course I did not buy them all, but I didn't leave without one at hand!).  Then there's also my "Save the environment" t-shirts I bought on a trip to Spain two years ago. Basically, t-shirts will never leave my closet. However, there is one exception: school t-shirts. The kind that you get from school or activities you join, where size S still looks like it could fit my brother and has no waistline what-so-ever. Those are usually in the back of my closet, waiting for me to wear them as pajamas. To tell the truth, I dread getting those. They fill up the back of my closet and I really won't wear them unless it's an obligation.

    Nonetheless, I love t-shirts. So since summer's here and I'm already seeing a few lines of t-shirts that I'm getting excited over (and considering bothering everyone I know outside of Asia to bring them back for me), here's a little insight on t-shirts I absolutely adore.

    Danny Roberts Girls in Glasses 
    I don't know where to start with Danny Roberts. He's amaaaaaazing. This is the tshirt he launched on his website. It's been out for a while. But it's so nice. Simple and chic. Match it with a pair of jeans or shorts, a pair of wedges, and a bunch of bracelets and you're ready to go.

    Danny Roberts for Forever 21
    Danny Roberts is definitely a favorite. In addition to the t-shirt available on his website, he's also recently launched a collection with Forever 21 of his Blogger portraits. There are both t-shirts and tanks, for a very well spent fifteen dollars each. I'd run to Forever 21 if there was one in Asia but I'm seriously considering asking my friends in Canada and the States to bring on back for me.

    I never knew much about the 5preview t-shirts until my aunt (who dresses in a very cool way) told me about it. She bought a necklace with the melting Chanel logo pendant on it and added rhinestones on it herself. She then told me about 5preview with the melting Chanel logo on it and I was hooked. Not till recently did 5 preview launch the Paris and Y5L t-shirts in Black and White (I prefer White, but Black's not bad either). However, 60 euros for a t-shirt is going kinda steep into my wallet...
    So tada! I found my option for a 5preview t-shirt on the outlet site. I'm really looking into the maroon post-modern one. It's only 25 euros and I don't mind a little color. Y5L is really too cool to resist. I've waited a little too long though. There's only medium left and I'm a freak for extra small. But a loss fit actually wouldn't hurt. The only problem now is my very-packed closet. Nonetheless, enjoy!

    Karl Who?

    Then there's always Karl Who? by Naco Paris. Seriously, I have no idea how to get one but it'd be awesome to own one. There is no way a fashion person can let this goooo.

    Anyways, all for now! It's pretty hard to get blogpsot in China, so I'll update when I'm back in Hong Kong.


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