Tuesday, June 21, 2011

    Wedding of Lace

    I've been a long busier than expected. Who knew a summer vacation could actually require for more time away from the computer than time at a computer? Well, one of the answers is probably my new smart phone. As amazing as it is, I've had trouble with my browser for the past two days. But other than that, since I have internet access anywhere I go, that means less time on the computer, less time stalking FashionGoneRogue's newest fashion spreads, flipping through blogs, etc.

    I'm also heading to Dalian (a city in Northern China) soon! And I have no idea what to expect! I spent all last night web surfing for blogs, insider-tips, or travel guides, but it seems like there's very little on English sources and guides on Dalian. I'll be there for three weeks on my uni faculty's summer program, which also means, three weeks of no facebook or blogging. Before Saturday, I still have a concert, eye facial (hehe, awesome treat from my friend, V), packing, and many lunches and dinners with friends.

    For now, here's few pictures from Hong Kong's FLASHon Magazine by the Oriental Press Group.The magazine's theme for the week of June 16th was weddings and I fell head over heels for the pictures for their "Love Full" editorial. Double thumbs up for FLASHon on doing some amazing fashion spread. A lot of magazine in Hong Kong claim to be "fashion" magazines but they're generally just glossy pages of ads, ads, and more ads. I see more artistic touch in FLASHon than a lot of other magazines. 

    This spread reiterates the love for lace this year at weddings :) For more, check out my previous post, Lace, Lace, and more Lace. The dresses featured in these two pictures (top to bottom) are from Monique Lhuillior and Opening Ceremony.

    Pictures of the editorial taken by Delilah
    For more, check out FLASHon's Facebook page
    All for now,


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